Bound for the corn and wine

For any of you from Envisage365 who are stopping by, here’s a taste of what you’ll receive on my return. (I don’t have email here although I have web access.) This place is full of gorgeousness. Although today’s image was actually quite utilitarian: my manuscript, taped to the wall.

I was privileged to read the first few pages of my story for the rest of the workshop attendees today. An important person liked it. Actually, I’m pretty sure more than one important person liked it, particularly when I consider that many people here are likely in a state of potential importance, whether it is to me personally, to the world at large, or something in between.

Elizabeth Bear tells us that stories are a loss leader. I wonder if they’re also something like remainders: the revenue per unit is low, but then, so is the cost; and they can entice readers who might not want to commit to something bigger without first having a taste.

I’m going to sell this one: my first genre short story in two decades. I’ve been hoping all along that I would figure out how to get back into this part of my creative mind.

Another factor, besides this extraordinary gathering of my peers, is the physical beauty around me and the fact that I’ve taken the time to immerse myself in it, with some runs and walks and even a bit of yoga. As you can see above, it’s a place of vivid colours and lively air. The sun has that ripe gold tint to it, as the year wanes. I defy anyone to come to a place like this and remain unstirred.

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