By Grand Central Station I sat down and pulled out my camera…

…no weeping whatsoever. A passerby mumbled “That’ll be a beautiful shot.”

I was well-dressed, I had dined on the company and I’d been flogging my brain all day, so that it felt loose now and light. I dropped my colleagues at their hotel and walked to mine, through this luminescent fog, deliciously cool.

Manhattan in spring is always a few weeks ahead of Toronto, and so my visits there are touched with wonder and disbelief. (They have forsythias already?) And in between meetings I buy coffee and walk on Fifth Ave because that’s the part I know best, and I greet the library even if I don’t have time to go inside, and I photograph the buds on trees and the stately shop-windows.

And I come home through turbulence and we bank down close over the lake and I see my own city, a smaller jewel. And everyone on the plane is a famous actor or a model. And I call my husband from the ferry; and he is glad.

And through the following week at the office, I stealthily add to my aluminum notebook all the thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. If only I were immortal or could forget the press of time.

2 thoughts on “By Grand Central Station I sat down and pulled out my camera…

  1. My favourite quote so far! "I greet the library…."
    You've expressed lots and lots of inspiring, comical and insightful thoughts but this one really struck me. You're amazing Claire!

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