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Silences: the many kinds thereof. The silence that follows an awkward pronouncement. The silence that follows love. The silence of the city when all the power is out. The silence of the country when the weather is still. The silence under water. The silence between stars. The silence of a lover injured. The silence of a child asleep. The silence that follows a great gun. […]

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Discipline and submission; and an extract from my pillow-book

ToB is back out on the market. I love people who accept electronic submissions–no messing about with stamps and things (particularly challenging for Canadians submitting to US markets). You would think letter-writing would be an attractive pastime for a writer; and it once was for me, back when I was fifteen and possessed a fountain pen and a great deal of sealing wax. I suppose sealing wax is not technically forbidden on literary submissions, but I cannot imagine it would do me many favours, even in SF/F. Since I am (a) not fifteen any longer and (b) neurotic, letter-writing is right up there with pizza-ordering and expense-filing in my mental list of Wretched Things. Email-writing, on the other hand, I find relatively painless. Tonight’s submission email was a bit more painful than usual, but only because my arms are so fatigued from a killer workout. I have been very pleased with my ability to submit, of late; apparently my discipline has improved, although I don’t know the cause. Work, workouts, mastery? Welcome, anyway. And now, since I am thinking of it: the pillow-book needs an entry or two. Wretched things: They say it will snow again this weekend.There is cat-vomit […]

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