Good editors. Also, preserved lemons.

Cool news from Strange Horizons this week: Julia Rios has joined the already-fantastic editorial team.  I already loved reading, and selling to, Strange Horizons, and I think they’re set to continue their excellent track record.

It’s also fascinating to realize how much more a part of the SF community I have become.  In 2009 when I made my first sale to Strange Horizons, I didn’t know anyone there–I just knew they were consistently publishing stories I loved, and even more importantly, stories that made me feel welcome.  (I don’t mind telling you, oh entire world, that when I made that sale I was so happy I actually wept.)  Now, I’ve worked with all three of editors in different ways and I hope to do so again (as soon as I finish the next damned story, damn it).

I became acquainted with Julia through the network of Viable Paradise alumni who gather at cons.  Julia did an amazing podcast of my story “Who in Mortal Chains”.  The other new editor, Brit Mandelo, is also the editor of Beyond Binary, and so of course I have a very high opinion of her editorial sense.  Senior editor Jed Hartman was the one who worked with me on that first story sale, and another one since, asking questions and pointing out patterns and generally drawing out their strengths, making those stories better than I could have made them on my own.

That’s what I want for my novels, too: advocates who believe in what I’m trying to do and show me how to do it better.  I want my eventual agent and publishing house to be vocal about anything that isn’t quite working for them.  I never want to stop learning.


Very Cool Side Note: Nicola Griffith interviews Brit Mandelo about Beyond Binary on her blog


Another side note: Do you have preserved lemons?  You do?  Proceed directly to your kitchen and place the preserved lemons on top of a radicchio and avocado salad.  Dress it with good olive oil and cracked pepper.  That is all.

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