In which I am a superhero named Galvan

…fighting the forces of parental oversight with my friends Mercuria, Skew, Quiksilver, Spectaculo, and Princess Kicking-Ass. Much wine was consumed, once the parental oversight was vanquished.

Yes, we’re in our thirties and even forties, and we still can’t get drunk in front of the fam.

In important writing news, however…

Accepted for publication:
“The Tongue of Bees”

On submission:
“Who in Mortal Chains”

To submit:
“The Duellist, After Her Prime”

First drafts complete but in need of more work:
“Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All Female Production of Waiting for Godot
“A Sovereign Cure for Pneumonia”
“The Oracle of the Dashboard”

First drafts in progress:
“The King of Bramble Heights”
“Forty-Nine Days in the Intermediate States, with Extracts from the Great Liberation by Hearing”
“Seven Postcards from the Garden of Earthly Delights”
“Rush Lane”

Novel progress:
Not-a-Werewolf: still on Chapter 5
Dickensian Fantasy: Chapter 11 of Draft 4 (6 more chapters to go)

Vexed questions of the day:
Which thing to finish next? And will someone order my pizza for me?

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