In which I am expensive and pretentious

…according to my boss, who saw me eating sushi for lunch again. I asked him what on earth one was supposed to eat for lunch–ham and cheese? (Most likely with my eyebrow raised.) And thus, another delightful epithet to add to my little collection (which, in case it is not obvious, consists of insults that actually bolster my self-opinion).

How did I ever last in the wild?

I have nothing at all to report from the front. I am vacationing someplace far behind the lines right now. No writing is required until my (figurative) stitches come out, and so I am lounging around my clean house, julienning vegetables and watching Queer as Folk. (When I am not working at my actual job, of course, which does not give extra vac days to recover from the brain-fever of novel-completion.)

For Olinka: the Final Chapter Playlist. I thought about annotating these a bit, since some of them are there for abstruse creative reasons; then I decided instead just to let you wonder.

“Go Into the Water” – Dethklok
“The Gem” – Priestess
“Pharaoh” – Richard Thompson
“Real Thing” – Cypress Hill and Pearl Jam
“Kryptonite” – Three Doors Down
“Sing a Little Hymn” – Two Hours Traffic
“Tonight, Tonight” – Smashing Pumpkins
“Coax Me” – Sloan
“Like I’ve Never Been Gone” – Robert Plant
“Houston” – REM
“Pretty Little Ditty” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“The Mess We’re In” – PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke
“Boadicea” – Enya
“Don’t Tread On Me” – Metallica
“Bombs Away” – Luke Doucet and the White Falcon
“Chelsea Hotel #2” – Leonard Cohen
“Who By Fire” – Leonard Cohen
“The Wedding List” – Kate Bush
“Natural Disaster” – Joel Plaskett

… and yes, every other living creature in the house DID want to kill me before it was over.

2 thoughts on “In which I am expensive and pretentious

  1. Just listened to this in sequence, and by the sound of it, it's a finale full of kick-ass action and heartbreak…and if I give my imagination full reign, maybe a feeling of steely resignation but, er, no redemption? A couple of songs had me baffled, but I guess I'll simply have to wait to read the book one day.

    Are you still friends with the neighbours, by the way?

  2. Wow–you called it. Kick-ass action: I think so; heartbreak: I hope so; steely resignation: definitely; redemption: very little.

    And the neighbours, by a stroke of great good fortune, enjoy heavy metal.

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