In which I am no longer purely decorative

Yes, functionality has begun to return, and with it, all my most obnoxious tendencies, I’m sure. For all I know, the difference is invisible on my exterior, but it makes all the difference from within: it is now worth getting up in the morning again, as I begin to believe I’ll feel something of interest in my day.

On the weekend I wrote something that didn’t suck. It’s not done yet, and it doesn’t have a title, but it has a person in a place with a problem. And the place is the World Electronic Music Festival of 2002 or thereabouts. It begins with this:

“Severyn sent Rose down among the weather-makers.”

2 thoughts on “In which I am no longer purely decorative

  1. Sounds fascinating! Some synchronicity: on Saturday I watched Jane Campion's Bright Star, in which John Keats' dying words include the name Severn; on Sunday I listened to The Velvet Underground song Venus in Furs, where "Severin awaits". So, your Severyn is a cool completion of the cycle of threes…

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