In which I have a new story

It’s tentatively called “The Root of the Root” and it has been in the world for almost an hour now while I dicked around with poetry books until I decided not to call it any of the things I’d been thinking about. It may change again before I call it done.

Pretty things: Solveig’s cardigan; a puppy; a whole lot of cats, all of whom are based on actual cats I know (because you can do that with cats, although it’s kind of inappropriate to do it with people)

Horrible things: carbonaceous sputum; 24-hour WalMart; sad unused baby shower presents

Soundtrack: Olinka’s “Puss in Boots” mixtape; Fleetwood Mac, of all the damned things; Fever Ray

Sustenance: Aleve and gunpowder tea.

Fetishes: decade-old Lululemon hoodie. I’ve worn it so much that the cuffs have torn. There is nothing else in my closet so comforting.

This story is a happy story. It is also a story written by me, so the happy takes a while to kick in. I will look forward to seeing if it sells quicker or slower than my less-happy stories.

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