In which I succumb to temptation and relate a dream

I know, I know… I’ve been told before that no one finds dreams interesting. But since I’m the only one here:

I was paddling a dragon-boat with Elizabeth Bear. We went around a lagoon for a while and then braved an open channel, where we capsized, but quickly recovered. When we returned to the dock, we adjourned to a barracks, where we did pushups with a number of other people. A skinny, pale man with no legs was doing handstand-pushups, with amazing balance. A young, dark, bearded man instructed me on a better placement for my hands when doing tricep-pushups.

Finally I was resting and I said to Bear, “All this exercise is great, but this doesn’t seem like a regular gym; what are we here for, anyway?”

She said, “Viking school!”

I am, as you can see, immensely charmed with the idea of Viking school, and would like to begin my instruction post-haste.

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