In which I use my free hour to write–what else?

I managed to finish the Pie Story yesterday with a suggestion of something that actually makes no sense and isn’t possible in the context of the story. In my defense I was already late for a party and bsleek was running about bare-chested with a cucumber in his pants telling me to hurry up. (It was a costume party, just so you don’t think my household is regularly full of half-naked cucumber-wearers.)

Today, I finished it again, in a more satisfying fashion, and sent it off to some beta readers who volunteered during the party and will probably regret it now that they’re sober.

My story tally from VP onward:

September: “Learning the Tongue of Bees” (formerly “A Brief Education in the Decadents”, formerly “Leaving the Laundry Circles, Bound for the Corn and Wine”), 4000 words

October: “The Last Duellists of the Flanders Park School”, 4000 words

November’s story will likely be the Talking Fish Story, since it still has that appetizing feeling in my brain, meaning there is something there I will enjoy doing. After that I’ll have to go a little further afield to figure out what story to write next.

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