In which it is Story Day!

My latest work: “Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All-Female Production of Waiting for Godot”.

I had a lot of trepidation about this story, and I’m so glad the wonderful editors at Strange Horizons gave it a home.

My high school actually did perform this play with an all-female cast. I can’t remember who they were, sadly–and none of them were Ginevra–but they did a wonderful and very memorable job. Ladies, if any of you ever happen to read this, thanks for absolutely laying waste to my little teenage mind, in the best possible way.

6 thoughts on “In which it is Story Day!

  1. I read this story not two minutes ago on Strange Horizons.
    I am overwhelmed by how captivated I was by it. Thank you for sharing such a remarkable piece.

  2. Really liked this story, on all sorts of levels. All the connections that are possible but never happen because we have forgotten how. The bigger things that go on beyond one's peripheral vision, the parts within parts which we play without really "getting it", leading lives of blood, vertigo, amnesia.

    I'm curious: do you suffer from nosebleeds yourself?

  3. Three of your pieces just showed up on the free speculative fiction feed. They are really terrific. Do you have a novel or a book of stories? If you want I'd trade you for experimental poetry 🙂 Or I'd just buy it.

  4. I don't suffer nosebleeds any more, but I did as a teenager, and I remember vividly the combination of horror and embarrassment. And the feeling that people around me were drawing some awful conclusions about why it was happening, when really, it was quite random.

  5. Maryrose: I'm so glad you're enjoying the stories! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish I had a book, but I don't yet–I'm almost finished a novel but it will be a while before I finish the process of finding an agent and a publisher and getting the thing to print. Look for me in a few years… in the meantime I'll seek out some of your poetry!

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