Monthly Progress Report

I suppose it is not exactly monthly, but it has been a month since the last one, give or take. In that month I have done a fair bit of work, notwithstanding a Hardware Fail and a great deal of other claims upon my time.

Not-a-Werewolf: 19,000 to date.
Dickensian Fantasy, Draft 4: 26,000 to date. Yeah, I started on it. I don’t get real credit for all of those words, though, because a lot of them are cannibalized from Draft 3.

stories in progress
Godot: 2100, and only about 250 of them suck, which is a great improvement.
Book of the Dead: 1200, all genius. Though this is a very difficult and dicey story for a number of reasons.
Violence: 990, some of which were just transcribed from the handwritten draft, others of which were added yesterday.
Talking Fish: no progress.

stories completed since VP
Pie: ready to submit, need to pick a market.
Belladonna: on submission.

The discerning reader will note that despite all of this verbiage, I did not actually complete any stories in either December or January, although I did manage to touch up the Pie Story to the point of being ready for submission.

I owe myself two past-due stories now, plus the one on deck for February. Fortunately, I have enough open tabs that I might actually be able to achieve this. Possibly also fortunately, I do not have very much money, and might take a vacation at home this month, where my expenditures will be limited to the occasional fancy coffee.

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