Novel Enduro: Day IV

Today’s word count: 3832.  Can I just say how awesome I feel about this?
Total word count: 73,987 of 90,000.
Percent completion: 82%.

Beautiful things: Martin, who is still hot; um, that’s all, the rest was pretty ugly

Horrible things: zombie raccoon!  Which explodes!  I was so pleased with this I immediately put it on Twitter.  So if there’s a rash of exploding zombie raccoons in your slush, you’ll know who to blame.

Favourite sentence:  “Gavin’s spirit mantled like a hawk, ready to rend.”

Reason for stopping: eggplant.

Fetishes: wooden ring on index finger: Bellwoods bottlecap necklace.

Sustenance: soy maple lattes, a god-awesome sandwich with tempeh, kimchee and Baconnaise, a pint of Bellwoods’ Roman Candle IPA.

Playlist highlights: Matt Mays, “Take It On Faith”; Cat Power, “Ruin”; Esthero, “Walking On Eggshells”.

Warnings That Must Go On the Tin: Mum, you can’t read this book.  Even if I forget and try to give it to you.  It has too many zombie things which you would not like, plus bad driving, and ‘fuck’ at least once in every chapter.

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