Novel Enduro: Day VIII

79,000 words.  Two new scenes left to write, maybe three.  Not with a bang, but a whimper (from the author, who’s continually surprised at how fucking emotionally draining it is to end a book!)

Horrible things: how hard it is to write romantic scenes without slipping into Hollywood tropes.  I haven’t had much practice, I guess… in my previous novel, there wasn’t a central love relationship, just a bit of dating.

Beautiful things: getting one of those scenes right, I think!  Also, some more bits with magic, always fun.

Tonight’s homework: going through a year’s worth of notes from my writing group because I’m almost positive there’s a great suggestion in there about a specific missing scene I should write, and I can’t remember what it is.  And being a very orderly person, I’d like to write that missing scene before I write the two final scenes, because once those are done I’d like to go celebrate, instead of messing around some more.

Also, today’s win: Beyond Binary is nominated for a Lambda Literary Award!

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