Novel Enduro, Days VI & VII

I didn’t have time to post Monday because I had an urgent need for a pint with my husband at Bar Volo at day’s end.  I did, however, hammer in another 2000 words, bringing that day’s total to just over 77,000.

Sadly, it’s still there as of today.  I put in hours of work to keep it there, too.  I deleted several vestigial, useless or outdated scenes, and the new words I added were just barely enough to keep the total count on track.

I don’t think this novel is going to be quite 90k, but it is still going to be done by the end of the week: I have about five scenes left to write, and none of them contain land mines as far as I can tell.

I’ve also had a flurry of other writing-related activity, including both success and failure, which I can’t share at this time, and only mention in order to provide context for why today was another low-count day.  I can see this being quite a time-sink for a full-time writer.  As my own publishing history grows, and my involvement with the SF community with it, I find myself with a lot of tangential tasks like updating my website, mailing contracts, Ideomancer slush, social media, grant applications, SFWA business.  All worthwhile and part of the work, and I need to account for it in my Grand Plan.

The Grand Plan for the rest of today, however, includes mostly stretching and tea-drinking.  G’night!

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