Novel Marathon, Day III

Number of words last Friday: 2500

Favourite sentence: “They’d even started to fight like sisters.”

Pretty things: alstromeria, a bowl of pomegranates

Horrible things: pepper spray

Distance from finish line: not quite sure, but at least it’s not 20,000 words any more

Cups of coffee: 2

Workouts: 1/2 hour of curls, pushups, and not-quite-chinups

End-of-day rewards: Beast, at the Horseshoe, and it was indeed rewarding.

Sinking feelings: once again you’ve walked into your own drama, and all the lovely distractions in the world won’t help you get to the end of it. Nothing for it but to put on that song that always makes you shudder, and think about the year of the dragonfly.

Grateful feelings: your husband comes home from work and washes the dishes so that you can keep working. That’s love. Thanks, babe.

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