Progress Report

Because I was feeling as if I had not made much, until I began listing it all to the in-laws, and discovered that although I haven’t finished much this month, I have been seeding all kinds of things.

Short stories accepted for publication:
“The Tongue of Bees”

On submission:
“The Duellist, After Her Prime”

First drafts complete:
“Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All Female Production of Waiting for Godot
The violence story, which really needs a title

First drafts in progress:
“A Sovereign Cure for Pneumonia”
“The King of Bramble Heights”
“Forty-Nine Days in the Intermediate States, with Extracts from the Great Liberation by Hearing”
The talking fish story
“Seven Postcards from the Garden of Earthly Delights”

Of course, I’ve already fallen down on my commitment to write a story a month this year; but if I were to actually, you know, finish some more of the ones I’ve started, I wouldn’t be far off. In terms of word count this is possible. In terms of emotional commitment, I don’t know… word for word, they’re harder than novels, although finishing a short story doesn’t give me that full-brain smackdown that finishing the Dickensian Fantasy did.

And now: I have very extravagantly gone and bought the second season of Criminal Minds and I am going to watch more than one episode, while eating popcorn.

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