Public Appearances!

I’ll be reading next week with the winners and other finalists of the Friends of the Merril contest!  It’s at Augusta House, 8pm, July 11, as part of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series. Full details are here.

My first hometown reading!  I may have to get drunk employ responsible coping strategies to deal with my nerves.  I shall pretend the audience is made up of cats.  Someone told me that at Readercon before my first reading there, and I wish I could remember who it was, because it was grand advice.

Speaking of Readercon: I shall be there too!  I am participating in the Ideomancer reading of Kenneth Schneyer’s hypertext story “Neural Net”. From the program:  “Group Reading: Ideomancer Speculative Fiction. Mike Allen, Leah Bobet, C.S.E. Cooney, Amanda Downum, George Galuschak, Claire Humphrey, Nicole Kornher-Stace, Kenneth Schneyer, Sonya Taaffe. Authors and poets read work from Ideomancer Speculative Fiction, one of the longest-running speculative fiction webzines still publishing.”  3pm on Saturday June 14th, folks–see you there.

That’s my only programmed appearance at Readercon, as I am not important enough to be a panelist yet–I will spend the rest of my time there attending other people’s panels and readings, meeting people from Outer Alliance and hanging out with my Viable Paradise buddies Marko and Chang, and whoever else we can dragoon into drinking bourbon discussing literature with us.

Total non sequitur: I just read a great story: “Immersion” by Aliette de Bodard.  I cried.  (Since I was reading it at my desk at work, this was actually a bit awkward.)  It’s about identity and colonization and the difficult political work of being yourself.

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