Resolution #9

…in my 37-item Viable Paradise followup list is to set myself a deadline for the completion of the Dickensian Fantasy, and also one for the Other Project (henceforth to be known as the Not-a-Werewolf Book).

Whatever that deadline turns out to be, I’m pretty sure I’ve already fallen behind. Ditto for my weekly word count target. This week’s word count so far? Well, since I wrote myself a stern note to the effect that blogging, rough notes, and day-career stuff don’t count, I’m sitting at a grand total of about 100. And since day-career has been a week neglected, I’m sitting on four imminent deadlines, one of which is in twelve hours and requires six hours worth of work, in addition to the eating, sleeping and showering that might also be required.

As much as I love my day-career, I do heartily wish it operated on a steady year-round schedule. This whole business of Christmas makes me want to bite the hand that feeds me.

With that off my chest, I propose to pour myself a nice glass of Tankhouse, start pounding away at that six-hour task, and if I can get it done in five, give myself the reward of an hour in my world.

Crack on regardless…

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