Yes, my temperamental heroine Gus Hillyard of “Who in Mortal Chains” will make her debut in Strange Horizons in the new year.

(Since very few people read this journal, I shall confess here that when I read the acceptance letter, I cried out loud like a little child. No one was home but the cats. I got cat fur stuck to my face. It had been an amazingly awful day up to that point; and then it was something else.)

This story, which I thought weaker than its predecessors, made the cut; goes to show that I’m not the best judge of my own work, I suppose.

For the first time since I began this project, I have more than one completed story in the kitty, as well: I’m going to be in SFWA by Christmas, at this rate. And I’ve given myself a deadline to finish the somewhat related Not-a-Werewolf book, so that I’ll have something to show the agents who will doubtless come calling 😉 Good Lord, but I must work faster!

Accepted for publication:
“The Tongue of Bees”
“Who in Mortal Chains”

To submit:
“The Duellist, After Her Prime”
“The Oracle of the Dashboard”

First drafts complete but in need of more work:
“Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All Female Production of Waiting for Godot
“A Sovereign Cure for Pneumonia”

First drafts in progress:
“The King of Bramble Heights”
“Forty-Nine Days in the Intermediate States, with Extracts from the Great Liberation by Hearing”
“Seven Postcards from the Garden of Earthly Delights”
“Rush Lane”

Novel progress:
Not-a-Werewolf: Chapter 6 almost done
Dickensian Fantasy: Chapter 11 of Draft 4 (6 more chapters to go)

Perhaps I should seek out someone to flog me when I begin to tire. It’s a great life if you don’t weaken…

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