Still riding that win…

Yes, that’s me, accepting my Sunburst Award from chair Rebecca Simkin (who is wonderful even apart from the fact that she has just handed me a medal and a cheque).  I am, once again, so thrilled to be honoured this way.  The other works and writers who have been recognized with this award are beyond amazing!

Since I believe in celebrating wins when we get’em, I wore my medal all night at the bar.  (I may or may not have worn it to bed.)

This win is a very happy ending for Spells of Blood and KinIt’s not totally an ending, of course–it remains in print and on sale in stores–but unless there’s a movie deal or something (hi, producers! You’re all reading this, right?) it will take a back seat to newer works.  Some of those newer works will also be written by me (uh, not right away, but watch this space).

I won’t be a debut novelist next time around.  I’ll be a grizzled veteran (not a metaphor…you should see how much grey hair I have now).  I can’t wait.

2017 has treated a lot of us roughly, I have to say, but I’m coming out of it with this little sun in my pocket.  It’s so much more than I expected, and I’m taking it as a sign for how much more the future has in store.  2018: I’m on the horizon, and I’m climbing up.

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