Story Day!

Item the first: “Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All-Female Production of Waiting for Godot is live at Podcastle today, read by Tatiana Gomberg, who does a wonderful job as the voice of the young, jaded and vulnerable Deirdre.  I am so delighted by this.

Item the second: Congratulations to all of the Nebula nominees.  Many of the works on this list I’ve read and loved, and I’m looking forward to catching up on the others.  I see this as a very strong year all round and I’m full of joy at the strength, beauty and relevance of our genre, and awe at the, well, awesomeness of the people I know.

Item the third: speaking of beautiful and relevant work, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back has a wonderful story at Strange Horizons right now which you should go and read.

Item the third-B: the first comment on that story was a hilarious troll complaining about SH publishing too many lesbian stories.  (If you are wondering: yes, all of my SH stories feature lesbian or bisexual protagonists.  Viva la revolucion!  Although SH has plenty of stories without lesbians, also.)  (PS: The fun that was had on Twitter today… well, I found a whole bunch of awesome lesbian-story-writers to follow, and I said some things in all-caps.)

Now you know all of the most fun things in my day this day, and you can go forth and propagate them as you will.  (Especially if you like lesbian stories.  Just saying.)

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