this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty

I’m so glad Christmas is almost over. It sucks the brain from my skull like the yolk from those fancy Ukrainian painted eggs.

I cannot keep track of which words belong to which dates; I will now begin tracking my progress via total word counts. Also, this method prevents me from taking credit for all the crappy words which I later remove. It will, I am sure, lead to negative word counts during some periods (sigh).

Not-a-Werewolf: 14,000.
Godot: No progress; continues to suck.
Last Duellists: Met with beta readers for awesome dinner and feedback, but haven’t yet actually fixed story.
Dickensian Fantasy: um, somewhere north of 250,000 all told. Figured out how to fix part one; scared to start.

Received for Christmas: silver acorn, print of family home, great quantity of drink, chipotle mustard, thing to make vichyssoise in.
Still want for Christmas: luggage, huge biceps, correct spelling of “vichyssoise”.

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