I’m Claire Humphrey.  I write novels and short stories, mostly about dysfunctional families with supernatural powers, magicians being jerks to each other, and the future being trapped by the past.  I have been told I’m fun at parties.

I’ve been writing all my life.  Before I knew the alphabet, my mother used to write down the stories I told her.  One of my earliest works was about a mouse living in a haunted house, so I guess I can even say I’ve always been writing speculative fiction.

The other stuff I’ve done could have been tailored for exactly this kind of author bio: I worked as a tree planter for three seasons, spent some time as the night manager of a Taco Bell, and was a private in the Canadian Army Reserve.  I’ve been a boxer, a runner, a cyclist.  I’ve lived in wilderness camps, in cute little basement flats, and in houses with mysterious presences.

I’ve worked in the book business for most of my adult life.  One thing I love about it is that every day, new readers are born.  Every day, someone picks up a story that will change their life.  Once in a while, that story is mine.

Background Illustration courtesy of Richard Wagner