Chicago-area folks: I’m going to be visiting you Feb 13-16 for Capricon. Looking forward to meeting some new people and seeing some old friends!

Here’s where you can find me:

Friday, 10 am: Nonfiction for Fiction Writers, Botanic A

We often hear writers advised to read widely, both in and out of our genre. What are some kinds of nonfiction reading that can help broaden your fiction writing? Our panelists recommend memoirs, history, cookbooks, podcasts, subreddits, true crime, whatever else has caught their interest and driven them to write more deeply.

Friday, 11:30 am: Sportsball!, Botanic A

The nerd/jock divide isn’t as much of a thing as it used to be (if it ever really was!). Many of us are sports fans in addition to being fans of media, culture and literature. Let’s talk about the sports we love, how we were introduced to them, and how our multiple fandoms interact.

Friday, 2:30 pm: Beers from the Tropics, Food Room 1509

George Hodgson, a London brewer in the late 1700s, used his connections to the East India Co. to dominate the export market to the colony. Among other beers, Hodgson exported a strong pale ale brewed with extra additions of hops and at higher alcohol levels, both of which act as preservatives. While you’re tasting samples, our panelists will talk about the origins and the evolution of the IPAs we know and (some of us) love today. Space is limited, please sign up at the info desk. Must be 21+ to attend.

Saturday, 8:30 am: Becoming a Pro, Birch B

Used to be, there were pulps and paperbacks. Nowadays there’s small press anthologies, chapter-by-chapter serials on Amazon, pure self-pub, webzines and more. Our panelists discuss their various paths to professional writing.

Saturday, 2:30 pm: SFWA and You, Willow B

SFWA is a professional organization for SFF writers. Come learn about what SFWA can do for you!

Saturday, 7:00 pm: Writing Queer Sex, Willow A

Writing sex scenes of all kinds can be really challenging! Our panel discusses special considerations when it comes to writing sex in queer relationships.

Can’t wait to talk about a ton of interesting topics with a ton of interesting people…see you next week!

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