In which there is counting

It’s the end of the year, almost. I shouldn’t be writing this post, because there are a few things still to come in before the real year-end, but I find myself at the computer just now with an urge to do it, and I can always update you guys again later, right?

EDIT: within 24 hours of the original version of this post, I received both a rejection and an acceptance, which are now included in the data below!

Number of new stories published: 1
Number of podcasts published: 1
Number of stories subbed: 6 (new record!)
Rejections: 8
New sales to pro markets: 1
Reprint sales: 2 (1 podcast, 1 anthology)
Fastest response: Clarkesworld (less than 1 day)
Slowest response: (still pending, subbed in July 2010)
Most rejected story: 6 and counting
Rejections due to closed markets or cancelled publications: 3 (bad luck year in that regard)
Milestones: joined SFWA

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