new Ideomancer, and some musings

First: Ideomancer‘s December issue is up, and it includes, as always, wonderful stories, poems, and reviews (including my review of Sarah Court, a book which I think you should read, unless you are my mother, in which case it is much too dark for you.)

Second: I am actually writing right now, but my husband and cat are watching Pingu, which is distracting. (Watching the cat watch the show is even more distracting than the show itself. He would eat Pingu if he could.)

Third: awesome word counts this month. Revised “A Sovereign Cure for Pneumonia,” and am almost finished “Gardens for the Blind” (which is about to have a new title, since I discovered Janet Frame wrote a story by that name). Also about to finish Chapter 4 of Compass of Chicago. It helps that the weather’s gone dark, colder than I like for running, and I’m not travelling again until after Christmas, and I have all these pent-up words.

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