Novel Deathmarch, Day V: which is the last day

Number of words: ~5000.

Distance to finish line: Nothing. That’s right. Toodle-oo, bitches! All done!

Favourite sentence: “Maksim watched the bright light dawning over the aerodrome, and sat very still until the flight was called.”

Why it’s my favourite: because it’s the LAST one, damn it.

Total length of book: ~60,000 words. Short-ish, especially compared to the last one. It will probably get a bit longer with revisions.

Number of hours at the keyboard today: 13

Ibuprofens: 2

Coffees: 2

Sustenance: bread.

Workouts: climbing last night, and I was so shattered that my hands couldn’t hold my water bottle. Even an hour later they couldn’t hold my beer. Fortunately they were recovered by today, enough to be able to type.

Pretty things: being done.

Maybe later I’ll wank about this some more, post my final chapter playlist and expose all the stupid workings of my recalcitrant brain, but for now, I’m so damned tired. And hungry. And… thirsty 🙂

2 thoughts on “Novel Deathmarch, Day V: which is the last day

  1. You might be waiting a while for the novel, since I don't have an agent yet… but a related short story, "Who in Mortal Chains", will go live at Strange Horizons in early March. Watch this space!



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