Sisyphus finally gets a cup of tea

I don’t mean to imply that the Day Career is generally Sisyphean. But at the moment it’s requiring 12-hour days just to stay afloat, and the backlog hasn’t really decremented, and the results aren’t visible to anyone who can’t see all the crossed-off items on my gargantuan to-do list.

At the end, or beginning, of those 12-hour workdays, I seem to be managing to post to the photo blog and this blog, managing to write the Pie Story, and managing to plant the seed file. I haven’t yet managed to critique anyone else’s stuff, catch up with any of my groups’ posts, or most importantly, make any progress on either of my novels.

I’ve also managed to hurt my best friend’s feelings inadvertently, neglect my husband, overcrowd my social calendar and skip almost all of my workouts.

I think it’s time for some ruthless decisions about just how I spend the coin of my days.

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