Novel Enduro: Day I

Today’s word count: 3065! Right on target.
Total word count: 62,880 of 90,000.
Percent completion: 70%.

Beautiful things: A crisp checked shirt. Corn pudding (maybe it is not beautiful, but I am hungry).

Horrible things: Home truths. Coughing.  Someone is watching “Cheers”.

Reason for stopping: I need to wash the dishes.

Fetishes: new yoga pants, Badger lip balm.

Sustenance: corn chips, grilled cheese, Picholine olives, hibiscus-jasmine tea.

Playlist highlights: Richard Thompson, “Pharaoh”; Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Pretty Little Ditty”; Wilco, “Reservations”.

Bonus: the cats really like the new cat tree, and they stayed on it all day instead of messing with my desk!  The laptop was only bitten once.

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