Novel Enduro: Day II

Today’s word count: 4295!
Total word count: 67,175 of 90,000.
Percent completion: 74.6%.

Beautiful things: stair-spindles, winter grass, bright scraps, wallpaper flowers.

Horrible things: Terrence’s people in hospitals, Terrence’s poor lungs.

Favourite sentence:  “His spirit saw it too: Chicago in all of itself, under the sun.”

Reason for stopping: to write this blog post, because that’s what I felt like doing.

Fetishes: South African bead bracelets.

Sustenance: the rest of the corn chips, more grilled cheese, more Picholine olives, little tomatoes, soy maple latte.

Playlist highlights: Airmech by Front Line Assembly.  (Why does my novel about urban magicians require its soundtrack to be a concept album about mecha?  I don’t know!  The mysteries of creativity!)

Bonus: although Tybalt mostly prefers the cat tree, he also napped on my copy of The Waste Land.  Cute and literary!

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