You spend your nights in the city, sleep away the afternoons

I’m jumping the gun on this a bit, but… my year in writing correspondence:

Number of stories published: 1 (vs 1 in ’09)
Number of stories subbed: 4 (vs 5 in ’09)
Rejections: 7 (vs 8 in ’09)
Sales to pro markets: 1 (vs 2 in ’09)
Fastest response: 2 days (rejection from Clarkesworld)
Slowest response: (still pending, subbed in July)
Most rejected story: 3 and counting
Most accepted story: bought on third shot (one of last year’s sales was bought on the first shot)

Since I do still have 2 stories on sub right now, and the number of data points in my stats is very small, this year’s percentages could still change fairly dramatically in terms of stories sold vs unsold.

The important thing for myself to note, though, is that I am still horribly fucking unproductive.

I am like those smokers who tell everyone on earth that they’re quitting, in the hopes that they’ll embarrass themselves into actually doing it. You! Bear witness! I am going to be less unproductive in 2011.

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